Meg Brooker Bio

Meg is also a founding organizer for the Isadora Duncan International Symposium, which held its first conference at George Washington University in June. Additionally, Meg is a certified teacher of Noyes Rhythm, Secretary of the Noyes Rhythm Foundation Board of Directors, and has presented scholarship on Noyes for the Congress on Research in Dance and for Society of Dance History Scholars. Meg travels nationally and internationally teaching and performing, most recently touring the Russian cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Votkinsk, and Vologda. In Texas, Meg frequently collaborates with Houston’s Divergence Vocal Theater/Misha Penton, and she is on faculty at Texas State University and Northwest Vista College.

“Dance is an art form based on organic flows of energy and inherently related to the physics and metaphysics of motion, and early 20th century dance artists consciously worked to develop movement principles based on the physics of wave rhythms. Drawing on principles from Ancient Greek philosophy and working with a very specific relationship between music and movement, these dancers describe sensations of weightlessness, disappearance, and luminosity as the subtle energy effect of their movement practices. In these practices, the music acts as a vibrational force that is reflected in a wave-like rhythm, alternately moving through the body or lifting the body and propelling it through space”. Meg Brooker

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