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Pam Johnson’s video shorts of Krishnamacharya’s Tadasana Sequence

For 18 years, Pam Johnson has studied and taught this ingeneous Tadasana sequence of breath and movements developed by Krishnamacharya. This video includes a portion of the hip flexor sequence, which assists in developing greater range of movement from the hips to the ankles. Painting with light and using special recording techniques to emphasize the way the breath would be heard internally, the production of this video helps to create the sense of what one can experience during a meditative and thoughtful study of balance and breath.

Shoulder Girdle sample movement sequence

This video of Pam Johnson performing a short shoulder girdle portion of Krishnamacharya’s Tadasana krama, shows how the breath and movement are one. These lubricating shoulder girdle movements opens up the rib cage, allowing the diaphragm to gently massage the heart. Watching this study of light, movement, and breath, one can feel and hear the internal powerful rhythm of lifeforce.


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